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Classic Chamonix Tandem Paragliding Flights (ages 5-105!) –  15-20 mins

Perfect for first-time flyers, children or anybody who wants to experience the freedom, security and thrill of flying in the capable hands of a qualified pilot.

With over 30 years of experience, and thousands of happy landings, our tandem pilots will give you a thorough briefing en route to and at take-off. You do not need any experience or special skills to enjoy a tandem paragliding flight in Chamonix, just the ability to walk or run a few steps before becoming airborne. You will be free as a bird in flight, and have time to enjoy the remarkable views, take photos or videos and just enjoy the buzz of this unique aerial experience. Feel the wind in your face and circle with the local ‘Choucas’ birds. See the earth and the Mont Blanc from a new birds-eye perspective. We encourage passengers who would like to discover the thrill of flying for themselves, and so we will guide you through taking the controls to pilot the glider. Alternatively, if you would like to experience acrobatic maneouvres and pull some G’s, then just tell us, this is your flight and the choice is yours.

Available Locations: Planpraz Brevent, Plaine Joux, & Plan d’Aiguille

Starting from: €140

Chamonix Mont-Blanc Thermalling Tandem Flights –  30-45 mins

Flying for longer periods of time requires lifting air. As our paragliders don’t have an engine, you can think of this lift as our fuel to either maintain or gain altitude. We have particularly good thermal flying conditions here in the Mont Blanc Massif, and can exploit certain hours of the day where we have an abundance of warmer, rising air. Circling upwards using this force is a powerful and exhilarating experience, it is not uncommon to be lifted at over 5 metres per second and climb up to the clouds at over 3000m altitude. So, if you think you are ready for the extra altitude, adrenaline, and flight time, this is the flight you want to book.

Available Locations: Planpraz Brevent, Plaine Joux, & Plan d’Aiguille

Starting from: €220

Cross Country/High Mountain Tandem Flight – 1 hour +

Exploiting areas of lifting air and thermals, and climbing as high as possible, we can experience incredible journeys on a paraglider. The most exhilarating way to travel and explore the Alps is flying amidst the magnificent spires and above the high peaks. Without needing years of practise as a pilot, you can experience these long flights as a passenger on many days through our spring and summer months.

For the most adventurous, how about organising a trip to the summit of Aiguille du Midi, Mont Maudit or even Mont Blanc. Qualified mountain guides will lead the climb. Getting to the top of a glaciated mountain becomes a whole new adventure as you fly off its summit.

Available Locations: Plan Praz Brevent, Plaine Joux, Plan d’Aiguille, Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Mont Blanc.

Starting from: €250 (Prices on application for non lift accessed peaks such as Mont Blanc du Tacul or Mont Blanc itself).

Access to high mountain or glaciated terrain can be dangerous and requires fitness and experience. We will happily discuss options your experience and options to suit your ability.